Letter from the future we want

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Inspired by the words of many stitchers and a text by Rob Hopkins

A city in Latin America, 2031


You asked what life is like now. Let me tell you.

Temperatures rose to 1.5℃ compared to before the industrial era, in spite of our great efforts, but scientists report that in the last 2 years there have been no further increases and global green house gas emissions are going down every year.

We wake in the morning in our homes in a city in Latin America with too many millions of inhabitants. We live in neighbourhoods built mostly more than 50 years ago but mostly much better adapted to be less polluting and less resource hungry, especially in energy and water. There have been no new constructions in 10 years: there was a moratorium and all construction was halted, but we’ve also just been too busy, even the construction companies, improving the building stock we already have.

We open windows and the air smells clean, we can hear birds, lots of birds, and a few chickens. The gardens of each lot were very small but we knocked down lots of walls and opened doors between the little gardens to create a great common garden in the centre of our block. So now lots more people are daring to keep a few chickens to be a bit more self sufficient in eggs, and the chickens roam free and we all look after them.

More soon…

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